Rozgrzewka is an indispensable element preceding every training or competition. We often do not pay much attention to it and do it carelessly, which can lead to later injuries caused by this, that we have incorrectly stretched individual parts of the body. Such injuries are very painful, they can exclude us from training for a long time and for a very long time they are brought back to the state as it was before the event, and very often it is basically impossible to get full muscle fitness. Proper warm-up can prevent the formation of lactic acid in the muscles and subsequent pain. How to deal with such pain I invite you to read the article – sourdough and regeneration.
So what should our warm-up look like? It should last from 15 do 40 minutes depending on what effort we anticipate. At the beginning we start with a light jog, consisting in warming up the muscles so that in the next phase we can warm them up ( distance not less than 500 m).
The next part of the warm-up, when we warmed up the muscles ( if we feel, that they are not yet completely warmed up, we can do a run 50-70 m na 70% your capabilities) we proceed to their slow and gradual stretching ( any stretching causes micro injuries to the muscles, while too fast stretching of the muscle may cause its rupture). The order in which we will warm up individual parts of the muscles are arbitrary. It is important that we remember when stretching, that at the beginning we do not do in 100% exercise, we do it gradually, preferably several times, until we "feel the muscle", is also important, so that each subsequent stretching of the muscle lasts at least 7 seconds.
Once we are stretched, it is not advisable to take the ball immediately and load after the goal as much as the factory gave. A good way to tighten the leg muscles ( mainly groin), is a game of grandpa, or simple self-serving.
At the very end a good way, to get well into the training or the match is to perform a few sprints 20-30 meter on 100% your capabilities, so, so that in the later phase of the effort, as it is commonly said, we are not "stuck".
If we did everything carefully as I wrote above, we can safely hit the goal. Like I said, warm-up is a very important element of sport. It can save us from injury, allows you to enter the match better than from the "march" and can prevent the formation of "soreness". after and during exercise is absolutely advisable, that I helped.