Training program assumptions in the high school - Sports Championship School

Training program assumptions in the high school - Sports Championship School.

Sports championship schools implement the state policy of care for sports-gifted youth. This system has been functioning in Poland for many years, takes various organizational variants (Public and non-public texting), characterized by diversified training effectiveness and, most importantly, There are no alternative solutions for him in the near future (it is therefore reasonably stable).

The most important, the strategic task of all SMSs, is to fully develop the sports talent of their pupils, until the achievement of sports championship. In women's basketball, high school girls (16-19 years), with an appropriate training program and an appropriate level of sports aptitude (rational selection for SMS), should aspire to play in the league, and the best even for the first national team. And this is the point of reference – preparing young players to the requirements of the first national team - should be the basic indicator for assessing the effectiveness of training in SMS PZKosz in Warsaw.

The second sports priority is to obtain the best possible results in international championships (Junior European and World Championships). Comparing your abilities and skills with peers from other countries allows you to properly build a system of motivation for training and playing, as well as realistically forecast future sports achievements. It also fulfills important promotional and prestigious functions of the sports training system.

The Polish Basketball Association adopted in its strategy of discipline development a multi-stage system of training gifted youth in terms of sports. Figure 3.1 illustrates the main program points of this concept.

Figure 3.1. Stages of training in girls' basketball.

According to the presented diagram, program of the 3rd summer sports high school falls on:

a) last year of targeted training,

b) specialist training at junior age,

c) the first year of playing in senior players. Age category in the FIBA ​​competition system 19-20 years is the so-called. youth games, with the worldwide competition system.

For girls from our geographic and climatic zone, please take, that aged 16-19 years their somatic and biological development is completed in the vast majority of cases, which affects the selection of the content and methods of training.

Also, the training of basketball players trained in SMS lasts several years, therefore the level of their specialist skills should be high. All these premises indicate, that methods should dominate their training program, specialized forms and means.

Among the most important goals, to be achieved by the implementation of the 3-year training program in the sports high school in question, must be replaced:

1. comprehensive physical development, mental and motor, in accordance with the requirements of modern civilization, in systemic connection with the compulsory physical education curriculum for high school,

2. optimal preparation of the players to represent Poland in junior and youth categories, so as to be successful at the European and World Championships, with particular emphasis on improving technical and tactical skills,

3. full development of the sports talent of girls, so as to represent the colors of Poland at the age of senior citizens and successfully fight in Olympic sports,

4. shaping proper social attitudes, ethical and moral in the sports and school group, including – in the field of specialist preparation - gaining theoretical knowledge about the training process,

5. preliminary preparation of future instructor and coaching staff.

The main way to achieve such sports and training goals, which seem to be universal for youth sport, is the implementation of a long-term training program including, among others:

• selection, proportions and methodological recommendations relating to the development of general fitness and specialist skills,

• individualization of training,

• control of training and sports combat,

• training load registration and analysis program.