Training load recording

Training load recording.

It is necessary to lead by female and male players (all age categories) individual training books "Strength training", where they should record the load (volume and intensity) in individual: exercises, training units, stages and periods.

Record the values:

– volume, i.e.. work performed (the sum of the products of the lifted weights on a bar or other equipment or device and the repetitions in a series of exercises: e.g.. 20 kg 8 repetitions + 30 kg 5 repetitions + 40 kg 3 repeat • 4 exercise series = 790 kg);

– intensity, i.e.. values ​​of lifted masses on a bar or on other equipment or devices (most often used as an indicator of the intensity of the so-called. the average training weight in a given exercise, i.e.. the quotient of the volume and the number of repetitions of the exercise, e.g.. 790 kg : 25 repetitions = 31,6 kg in 1 repetition), higher average weight indicates greater training intensity;

– maximum weights (CM) achieved during tests in test exercises (e.g.. bench press, lying with your back on the bench – 72,5 kg, attempt to raise 75 kg – failed; straightening the legs ("Stuffing" the load on both sides) in the sitting position – 155 kg, no more was tried);

– self-assessment of the psychophysical state before and after training (e.g.. point scale 1-5: 1 Point – bad condition, 2 – not the best, 3 – average, 4 – good, 5 – very good or descriptive – e.g.. before training – well-being, after training - clearly worse);

– athlete's body weight (e.g.. before training – 74,2 kg, after training – 73,6 kg).

It is recommended that, especially in training with beginner players, entering the plan into the training book (the weight of the barbell in successive series of individual exercises) for the next training session. This plan must take into account the implementation of the last training. This is especially important when training with a large group (e.g.. 15-18) players, while during training it is practically impossible to make current corrections. Experienced players (seniors), at the stage of applying the form of individual training, they can plan their training load on their own.