Proposals for organizational changes in the sports training system in sports education institutions for a year 2004.

Proposals for organizational changes in the sports training system in sports education institutions for a year 2004.

Ministry of National Education and Sport, after analyzing the functioning of the existing system of sports training for children and adolescents in sports education institutions, proposes its implementation based on:

• entrusting the direct organizational and financial implementation of these programs in sports education institutions – provincial interdisciplinary sports associations (wiss), cooperating in this respect with local government units (jst) and Polish sports associations – supervising the content-related aspects of the sports training process in these institutions (on the basis of agreements between wiss, a pzs i jst). As a result of the change of the subject of the contract with the Ministry of National Education and Sport for co-financing the training of sports-gifted youth in public text messages from 2004 r. – funds will go directly to schools in a simplified way, only through one of the entities (wiss) and not e.g.. through 3-4 Polish sports associations, as before, if the school provides training in several sports.

• involving voivodeship self-governments to cooperate in running interdisciplinary sports championship schools;

• inclusion in voivodship training, implemented by wiss, also students from sports classes and schools, run by municipal and city governments;

• training the staff of Polish sports associations (KNJ, frame C) -after approx. 20-40 the most talented players in the discipline, in junior and youth categories in youth sports training centers (individual disciplines) or in non-public sports championship schools (team games), organized on the basis of facilities with a very high sports, training and social standard.

It is proposed to make from 1 January 2004 r. changes in the method of transferring and accounting for the amounts of co-financing of sports education institutions. All public sms (in individual disciplines) they will receive funds for training players with the required sports level under the contracts concluded annually by the Ministry of National Education and Sport with the relevant voivodeship interdisciplinary sports association (wiss) for the comprehensive implementation of the "Training and competition program for sports-gifted youth". In accordance with the agreements concluded this year by the Minister of National Education and Sport with the marshals of all provinces, this program will also be able to be co-financed annually from the budgets of voivodship self-governments.

Transferring funds under the agreements with WISS will allow the marshals of voivodeships to be more interested in the development of sports education institutions operating in their area and will support the training of students of these schools also from this source – despite being led by local governments at other levels. In the future, efforts should be made to inspire the signing of contracts between the interested local governments for the delegation of running public sports championship schools to provincial governments. It is related to the more and more widespread phenomenon of "regionalization" of public SMS messages, manifested by a large share of players from the voivodeship in the training, where the school operates (medium 68,6%, but e.g.. voiv. Podlasie – 96,2% or voiv. Lublin – 95,6%).

The relevant Polish sports associations of individual disciplines, after changing the method of financing sports education, will sign contracts with the Ministry of National Education and Sport for the exercise of methodological and training supervision as well as ad hoc and comprehensive inspections of the training process of players covered by the program.

also, as part of the program, interested Polish sports associations will be able to apply for co-financing the training of the most outstanding group of talented players (e.g.. with master classes) in newly formed so-called. sports championship centers of the pzs.

It is proposed to keep the training of talented youth in team sports games in their current form – non-public sports championship schools run by the competent pzs. It is also not proposed to change the functioning and financing of youth sports training centers run by Polish sports associations.