Proposed changes to the system of co-financing sports education institutions for a year 2004.

Proposed changes to the system of co-financing sports education institutions for a year 2004.

After the analysis of the current system of co-financing and the achieved sports effects, it is proposed, that the differentiated funding from the MENiS special measure would cover students with the following sports level:

• competitors with MM and M class – (currently 226 people in 26 sports disciplines); These players should have individual training programs developed by the national team coach and approved by individual sports associations, to be implemented in a specific training facility;

• competitors with at least sport class I – (currently 624 people in 26 sports disciplines);

• competitors with at least II sports class – (currently 643 people in 26 sports disciplines).

It follows from the current data, that is about 1500 players, whose training process, carried out in sports education institutions, should be subsidized. Doubts may arise from co-financing approx. 160 players from among the above-mentioned, who have reached the required sports level, but they were not called to any of the cadres.

Department of Sport Development Strategy, coordinating the "Training and competition program for sports-gifted youth", I suggest – from the financial year 2004 – not to subsidize the training of players with a sports level below the 2nd sports class.

When calculating the amounts of co-financing for sports education institutions, it is proposed to differentiate their amount depending on the presented sports level of players according to the following rules:

• MM and M class – 100% the amount calculated per one competitor trained in this system;

• Class I – 75% amounts as above;

• class II – 50% amounts as above;

• in addition, it is proposed to maintain bonuses for schools by calculating the subsidy for each graduate, continuing to practice sports at the highest level, representing our country in international events -200% amounts as above.

Competitors – students of sports championship schools not meeting the above criteria could participate in a training program carried out in sports education institutions, but without funding from the special measure of the Ministry of National Education and Sport. They should follow the basic training program specified in the school organization sheet, financed from the educational subsidy and own resources of the leading authority.