Program of shaping proper ethical attitudes, social and moral.

Program of shaping proper ethical attitudes, social and moral.

This type of attitudes are constantly being developed, in the course of the implementation of the entire educational program of the high school. Nevertheless, perceiving special needs, which contemporary sport brings with it in the above-mentioned issues, in SMS was taken (experimentally) implementation of a special program called "Atena".

It is a series of psychoeducational meetings covering the school year 27 issues implemented in 13 90-minute meetings. The meetings are to constitute a "springboard" in the weekly cycle of compulsory classes. "Loose" (for fun), but the practical nature of the classes is also supposed to foster inner cunning (self-dealing skills – exceeding your own limitations, psychological barriers, habits and habits) and external (self-presentation, unconventional interactions with the environment, cooperation in a group).

The topics of the meetings are formulated enigmatically and intentionally, designed to arouse curiosity and surprise leading to deeper participation in classes. Therefore, the proper presentation of the program is the author's presentation.

The meetings are not lectures. Interactive method of conducting classes (sokratejska) is to enable each participant to express his opinion. The topics serve as a pretext for a creative exchange of views leading to the awareness of one's views and their impact on the effectiveness of the procedure.. By crossing their own limitations and barriers, the participants themselves come to solutions and answers to the problems and questions posed to them. The leader acts as a supervising guide.

During the classes, the Dutch method of Video Interaction Training is used. This method is used to build self-awareness (awakening the inner observer), raising self-esteem, teaches good interpersonal relations, helps to find solutions in stressful situations.

Using this method, you can also improve the qualifications of teachers, school trainers and educators in the field of communication and work efficiency. It is extremely effective (80% effectiveness) and quick method.

The main goal of this program is to achieve a healthy and harmonious psychophysical development of the players. The indirect goal is to build skills: careful and consistent conduct, self-reliance, speaking: "no" (assertiveness), cooperation in a group, concentration, working with emotions and the body, express yourself clearly and precisely, resistance to stress.

The presented framework of a 3-year training program in a sports high school shows only the right direction of work. Now this area should be filled with attractive content. But this is a derivative of the trainer's knowledge and experience, whose "workshop" is the most important value in this case. One has only to hope, that the most outstanding specialists in their sports disciplines will find their way to work with high school students. It will be the most valuable guarantor of the optimal development of the careers of gifted youth in sports.