Preparing the players to represent Poland in the junior category

Preparing the players to represent Poland in the junior category.

The sports training program implemented in SMS has its own specificity. There is no justification for dividing the material into classes I-III, because in one training group students often exercise I, 2nd and 3rd grade of high school, creating the SMS PZKosz W-wa team.

Therefore, considering the tasks and training goals to be achieved while learning in SMS, one should rather talk about a 3-year training cycle, in which juniors participate. What is characteristic here is the smooth changeability of the players in the team, because practically in each subsequent school year, the rotation includes 4-6 girls – mainly high school graduates, and in exceptional cases, girls from the younger classes (health or sporting reasons).

Because the main task of the training is to prepare female players to represent Poland (junior, cadets, and in the future seniors), the following organizational conditions must initially be met.

1. Coaches employed in SMS PZKosz should also be staff coaches in the central training, which ensures uniformity of training.

2. It is necessary to cooperate with coaches of voivodship staff and club coaches, who will select and guide the players to the SMS PZKosz.

3. It is necessary to regulate all legal and organizational conditions related to the stay of the players at school.

4. The system of recruiting and selecting girls for SMS PZKosz should be accepted by all clubs in Poland.

Its typical features are:

a) purposeful selection-typing by SMS trainers PZKosz and PZKosz Training Department girls watched in provincial tournaments, the finals of the Polish Championships and other competitions, or after obtaining information about gifted (min. good physical conditions) players from club coaches;

b) acceptance of parents of players selected for SMS PZKosz;

c) positive passing of medical examinations, sports and endurance tests in the first semester of science and training;

d) continuous selection – players of the 1st class of high school (16 years) they are subject to a dynamic selection process as a result of systematic tests, research, observation and evaluation of sports potential and achievements.

During training, the players were accepted, that the effectiveness of SMS training should be determined by the performance and rating of the game in different competition systems, i.e.:

• in the system of European games at the junior level (MEJ, WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP),

• the system of national games at the senior level (And the league, Women's premier league),

• in the semi-finals and finals of the Polish Junior Championship (MPJ)

Taking into account the above, several phases of work can be distinguished in the SMS training process.

The first phase of training, most typical for 1st grade students, should be characterized by the continuation of the process of selecting female players, full diagnosis of their potential abilities and skills, and, primarily, a very comprehensive raising of their sports level. Particular emphasis should be placed in this phase on:

a) general physical development, i.e.. shaping features (notorious: strength, speed and endurance and flexibility, motor coordination and jumping. In the general training program for the first year of training we allocate 30-40% training time to shape the motor skills of the players;

b) learning and improving the basic elements of the technique of individual attack and defense in basketball;

c) basic rules in team play in defense and attack;

d) participation in the tournament system (And the league, possibly a top league) in order to check and improve technical and tactical skills and in preparation for the qualification of ME juniors;

Additionally, significant attention should be paid to the intellectual preparation of the players (discipline theory), social rules of functioning in a team, rules of proper nutrition and personal hygiene (its, active leisure time activities) and implementation of systematic treatments in the field of biological regeneration - physical therapy, hydrotherapy, sauna, massages.

The table shows the balance of training and starting loads for students of a sports high school SMS 3.3. This list applies to activities carried out at school, therefore it covers the period from September to June. Most of the students, however, are also representatives of Poland, which – e.g.. during the holiday months – they have union groups and championship tournaments. So, in total, the actual training loads of many female basketball players are much greater, than the table shows 3.3.

In turn, in the table 3.4 values ​​and proportions are presented (w %) the exercise loads performed by the players in the consecutive periods of the annual macro-cycle. And here's another note – the transition period for the Polish representatives is much shorter. Practically from mid-May, central preparations for the championship events begin, mainly the European Championship finals.

In the second phase of training (for students from 2nd and 3rd grade) the leading accents of training should include:

a) shaping special skills (using the foundation of general fitness – mainly in terms of speed endurance, jumping and motor coordination, maintaining the level of general fitness – in total, this training direction should constitute in the balance of loads 30 – 40% class time,

b) further improvement of individual elements of attack and defense techniques;

c) teaching and applying various attack systems against zone defense, zonie press, combined defense and defense of "everyone's own" (attack tactic);

d) teaching and applying various defense systems (defense tactic);

e) participation in the league system (top league) women in order to test and improve technical and tactical skills as well as prepare for the finals of the European Junior Championships, Junior World Championships and performances in older Polish national teams (youth, senior)

As in the first phase, in grades II and III of high school, significant attention should be paid to the intellectual preparation of the players., fair play principles, proper nutrition, personal hygiene and treatments in the field of biological regeneration.