Organizational conditions of the study, implementation and application of the System by Polish sports associations

Organizational conditions of the study, implementation and application of the System by Polish sports associations.

The physical development of young athletes should be carried out within the framework of the System developed, implemented, financed and controlled by Polish sports associations. The authors propose to take into account the scopes of competences and responsibilities listed below, as well as substantive and organizational works related to the introduction of the System to the training process in a given discipline.

Polish Sports Association (Training Division: vice president of. training, training manager, the council of coaches, staff coaches of all central training groups, SMS trainers; expert group: sports scientists and practitioners):

• development of the System for a given sport discipline (after considering any comments, reported during training discussions) – implementation, managing and controlling the implementation of the System (instructional training, visits to trainings conducted in SMSs and clubs as well as during central actions), each time the System is "integrated" into the annual training cycle of a given age category and the current modifications of the System.

Polish Sports Association (president, management, General secretary):

• adoption and approval of the System as binding (female and male players of all age categories, schoolgirls and students of SMS) and recommended (clubs participating in state competitions, conducted at various organizational levels) – securing funds ( periodic diagnostic tests, equipping the gym in SMS with the necessary equipment and training devices, fees for people developing and implementing the System).

The system of physical preparation of athletes after approval by the authorities of the Polish sports association should be obligatory for coaches and players, participating in central training (all age groups) and recommended to coaches and club players.

The practical implementation of the above assumption should be as follows.

The Polish sports association "protects" the continuity of participation of national team players in the System with appropriate decisions. For example, by imposing the obligation to implement the System on staff coaches of all age categories (this condition should be included e.g.. agreement, signed by representatives of the Polish sports association with the coach). The staff trainer should be able to fully implement his own training concepts, concerning, inter alia: planning the calendar of preparatory competitions for participation in the main competitions, implementation of technical and tactical training and the substantive and organizational conditions for the operation of a given training group (e.g.. team composition, game concept, structure and load of technical-tactical training, composition of the training team, etc.). However, the implementation of the System should be continuous, independent of changes in staff coaches, which may be associated with the frequent introduction of "different ideas" in the physical preparation of both young people, as well as adult athletes.

National team coaches' duty (all age categories) it should be systematic, at least once a month, controlling the implementation of the System by players belonging to their training groups.

Physical development of athletes participating in central training (all age categories) should be a value “protected” by Polish sports associations. Only such implementation of the System makes it possible to systematically, perennial, strictly planned work, thereby, gives great guarantees of achieving the intended training goals.