Natural plyometric exercises aimed at increasing the power developed in complex movements.

Natural plyometric exercises aimed at increasing the power developed in complex movements.

In order to increase the strength of the muscles of the whole body of young athletes and develop their ability to use the muscles in the stretch-contraction cycle, it is recommended to use natural plyometric exercises (jumping, throws, sprints). An example training program is given below.

Method – circuit training. Athletes perform the exercises in the sequence shown, after one series at subsequent stations; "Pass" all stations – is the execution of one circuit; in the case of using a group form of training (he trains at the same time 10-12 players, divided into 2-3 personal groups), each group starts the circuit from a different station; in subsequent training sessions it is recommended to change the order of stations for individual groups of competitors; together 9 exercise (station).

Shape – throws: exercises performed in pairs, jumping: exercises performed singly, on a soft surface – preferably on mattresses, shoes with good cushioning properties should be used, sprints: exercises performed in pairs in the hall, on a treadmill or on a level surface.

Equipment – throws: medicine balls with a weight 1-2 kg (girls) or 2-3 kg (boys), jumping: height-adjustable track and field hurdles, customized (along with the distance between them) to the possibilities of girls and boys, gymnastic mattresses between the fences, sprints: distance 15-40 m.

Number of exercises: throws – 3, jumping – 3, sprints – 3.

Break time between exercises (stations) – ok. 1 minutes, between series (circuits) – from 2,5 do 3 minutes. Recommended number of circuits – from 1 do 3.


1. Take six jumps from place to place

2. Throw the ball forward with both hands in front of the chest

3. Sprint 15 m

4. Move the five-jump hurdles over the hurdles

5. Throw the ball with both hands, overhead forward

6. Sprint 30 m

7. Long six-legged one-legged (alternating right and left) on the spur of the moment

8. Throw a medicine ball with both hands over the head backwards ("by yourself") or with both hands from bottom to front ("ahead") – can be alternated, change exercises every series or training

9. Sprint 40 m