Individual training program

Individual training program.

One of the most difficult tasks in SMS is to determine the optimal proportions between team training (which build the tactical image of the team, improve the effectiveness of the game in the face of current needs) and individual training (which develop the potential of individual players, especially with regard to the features of motor and technical preparation).

Individual training should be clearly emphasized in the SMS, targeted at the specific needs of the players, rather than concentrating (excessively) over the current needs of team tactics (that is, the results of the team). It is obvious, that individual training can take various organizational forms, e.g.. group training of individual formations or improving cooperation between the players and mid laners, or speed training in subgroups, aerobic endurance or dynamic strength.

The implementation of the SMS program into practice requires the development and compliance with the following organizational and training elements:

1. Each competitor should have her own original individual training program.

2. Each individual training program should meet the criteria (for a given training cycle):

a) specificity, where elements subject to individual shaping should be clearly listed,

b) measurability, where the level of a given element should be defined and the range of progress clearly defined,

c) timeliness, where we define the period of time, in which the progress should be made.

3. The principle of the individual training program should be to emphasize the quality of training and its concentration on one or possibly two elements of a given scope and their comprehensive, alternative improvement in different situations and variants. It would be a mistake to superficially conduct individual training with respect to 5-6 items, which would probably not meet the value of thorough improvement.

4. The starting point of the individual training program is a comprehensive assessment of the training state and specialist skills of female players (diagnostics), the effect of which should be the preparation of individual profiles of motor preparation and individual characteristics of the technical and tactical skills of the players in terms of their values ​​and shortcomings. Characteristics of the personality will also be valuable, qualities of will and motivation of individual basketball players.

All trainers working in SMS should be involved in the training implementation of individual training programs.

Training ideas and content of team training, group or individual should be closely related and complement each other. The content of the individual training may include all the elements that make up the concept of "athlete's sports form". Selection of these items, the duration of work on them largely depends on the place in the annual training cycle (preparatory period, starting, transitional), on the competitor's predispositions, the level and pace of its biological development and field specialization. However, individual training should always have a positive impact on the level of technical and tactical skills and psycho-physical dispositions of the player.

When planning individual training, you can take into account at least two of its aspects:

1) developing and improving the dominant ones (strong) sides of the skills and fitness of the athlete,

2) leveling the shortcomings to the required level (weaknesses) in the profile of her skills and efficiency.

The choice of strategy depends on the decision of the trainer, which must estimate the scope of possible reserves inherent in the level of training of individual players.