Comprehensive physical and motor development of students – SMS players

Comprehensive physical and motor development of the SMS students.

Comprehensive physical and motor development of students, including the acquisition of a number of skills (habits) movement, this is the task facing school physical education classes. According to the legal status of the beginning 2003 year, physical education in grades I-III of the profiled secondary school, should be implemented in dimension 3 weekly teaching hours.

In SMS, the number of hours devoted to developing sports skills is much greater. Nevertheless, the all-round motor development function of young girls cannot be neglected, even in the direction of expanding the basics of fitness, or acquiring movement skills useful in life (e.g.. swimming, skiing, dance). Therefore, as part of the training process, which runs during the school year, at least three teaching units each week, should be devoted to activities of a general nature. Detailed organizational solutions, concerning exemplary training microcycles of basketball players, are given in the rest of the work.

Gymnastic exercises should be especially recommended in physical education classes, athletics and swimming. Classes implementing the physical education program also fulfill an important restitution function – e.g.. aerobic exercises accelerate rest processes at the physiological level, and the change of the work environment (air, the, water) has a positive effect on mental relaxation (departure from the monotony of activities in a sports hall).

The high school didactic plan should also use other possibilities of spending time actively, e.g.. as part of the so-called. "Green school". Stay together, e.g.. in the month of May, which is usually free from major sports competitions, in an attractive tourist location, combining educational values, leisure and integration. It is also an important element influencing harmonious development, not only physical and motor skills of girls, but also mental and social.