Additional comments on the training of sports-gifted youth

Additional comments on the training of sports-gifted youth.

In the practice so far, it happens very often, that coach, with which the player begins his sports career, in many cases she ends it with him as well, which often hinders or even prevents the proper development of a player's talent.

In the current organizational structure of sport, there is a need for trainers specializing in the field of the subject:

• initial training in the youth category (comprehensive training stage);

• targeted training (junior junior and junior);

• special training (Olympic training, professional sport).

We also believe, that trainers working with youth groups should participate more in training seminars and conferences (at least twice a year).

The existing system of sports competition for children and adolescents passes the exam and is compatible with the training system – these are the opinions of the majority of youth sport circles. To confirm such an assessment, the high positions of Poland in the annual rankings of countries for the results of the world championships and the European junior championships in Olympic competitions and disciplines are cited..

Possible changes to the detailed rules of the competition system should therefore go in the direction that does not require too early specialization of young players and, at the same time, be reflected in the system of financing the training process.. MENiS has already made such steps by increasing the funding of sports education institutions for the results achieved by graduates of these institutions.

Seems, that the proposed system of sports training for young people based on the cooperation of sports education institutions with local government units and Polish sports associations may be more effective.

In the work of individual training units, one should pay more attention to the individual training of individual players – the most gifted in their age categories. Training programs will be very helpful in this task, developed by Polish sports associations and approved by the COS Sports Results Forecasting and Analysis Team, standardized for all implementers (multi-year training programs), adapted to the age of the trained players, containing – in addition to the program content – also:

• training recruitment criteria;

• staging sports training;

• control elements, allowing for the correct selection for further training, after completion of subsequent training stages (tests, trials, e.t.c.).

Trainers – trainers, instructors, should set the main and therefore distant goals in front of the players – World Cup, Olympic medals. These goals are achieved a few years after the completion of the training provided in the school. So training in a sports championship school should be a step on the way to achieving it, and not an end in itself.